Kitty - I am glad to see you are writing all this out in a public forum. It's horrible that you grew up with all this harassment and targeting and that your mother and older brother were none the wiser. I find people are often reluctant to acknowledge and deal with the sociopaths in their midst, and in a way I blame the normies and their "kindness" which is often just a refusal to face reality or take responsibility. Good for you that you are dealing with this in the open in a very honest and credible way.

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You know a psychopath has done something, when someone else is always to blame!

The behaviour pattern you describe is quite like that of a junior school classmate who, as a seventeen-year-old in charge of a gang of pre-teen boys (a warning sign in itself!) tortured an old lady to death in an ordeal which involved her being repeatedly chased and then dragged back and forth between Hitchin Hill and St John's Hill in North Hertfordshire. When the younger boys were sure that she was dead and their "leader" was proposing to spend the rest of the night mutilating her remains, one of the younger boys said they had to be in school at 8AM the next day (this was a Sunday evening) and could they go home now, please. He let them off, but, when found, the body was in such a state that the official pathologist wouldn't let anyone in the mortuary with him, and he even sent his medical secretary home and typed up the report himself. Which he sent to the Home Secretary (Merlyn Rees) with a note asking that the report remain sealed from both the Coroner's and Crown courts on the grounds that it might cause permanent psychological harm to anyone who read it. On the outside of the sealed envelope was a summary of the contents and Mr Rees signed a draft order to the effect that the courts would have to make do with the summary. The local judges appealed, the House of Lords ruled that not only did Mr Rees have the power to withhold the pathologist's report: he had a duty to do so.

Once the pathologist had put the body in a body bag, by himself, and ordered the undertakers to put it straight in the coffin and allow neither to be opened again, he asked for early retirement on mental health grounds, which Mr Rees granted on the spot.

Psychopaths not only do things that normal people will not do, they do things which normal people cannot possibly understand, to the point that even knowing what they were can do a normal person permanent psychological harm.

Every single person who heard the tape recording which two (possibly three, her brother thought) psychopaths made of Lesley-Ann Downey being tortured to death, required residential psychiatric treatment in the years afterwards.

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