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There have been a lot of rape cases come to light involving police officers in the UK, mainly because the murder of Sarah Everard by a Parliamentary Protection officer forced a lot of reports to be taken seriously. However, the Malkinson case, where a man was held in jail for 17 years for a rape he did not commit (and where the description of the attacker was nothing like him) is still the subject of a significant cover-up:

There will be an "independent" inquiry into the case, but it will not be a statutory inquiry with the power to compel witnesses and prosecute for perjury or contempt. Many people in MSM admit that this is dodgy, but they won't report on what it is that the independent inquiry isn't going to ask any questions about.

The alternative suspect in the original rape, "Mr B" identified by DNA (not from semen but from a bite delivered to the victim's breast through her T-shirt) was arrested in the same postcode area as the headquarters of Devon and Cornwall Police, the other end of England from where the rape happened and the far corner of England from where Mr Malkinson lived. Readers should try and remember this little factoid, because it may be the last time you ever see or hear about it!

The Chief Constable of Devon and Cornwall (formerly a PSNI officer in Northern Ireland) has stood down from his duties pending an investigation into "sexual abuse" allegations.

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