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During the Apartheid era, the South African Bureau of State Security (BOSS) was taken in by a conman who offered to run a "research programme" to identify and create or obtain deadly assassination poisons for them. He did organise some impressively deadly demonstrations, but eventually a BOSS agent found out from a Veterinary Surgeon friend that all of the "poisons" were actually commercially-available pesticides or veterinary tranquilizers (such as Immobilon) which happened to be deadly to the human species. By which time the research programme had cost the equivalent of £4M in 1980s money, for less than £1,000 worth of actual poisons, non of which was actually "untraceable" as per the official requirement. (The conman also sold both improvised and completely fictional weapons to Saddam Hussein, probably for even bigger sums of money.)

I suspect that the "bioweapons" programme mentioned in this post was the same sort of thing, but prolonged over a much longer period and with the Canadian government having much deeper pockets than South Africa, almost certainly much more expensive. And in the meantime, those involved enjoyed state protection whilst living-out their own sadistic fantasies. The unique selling point, though, would have been the "testing" of the weapons on at least one live victim whose medical and family history was available. (It couldn't be an illegal immigrant or an anonymous vagrant who would have no medical records in Canada: the experiment subject had to be a Canadian subject.)

{If Immobilon has ever been used in a political assassination, then the former British Labour Leader John Smith QC MP would have been it. He died almost immediately after taking a drink from his own personal cut-glass whisky tumbler in his office in the Palace of Westminster after a debate. A tiny trace of Immobilon on the OUTSIDE rim of the glass would have been absorbed through his lips and not revealed in any tests done on the CONTENTS of the tumbler. (Antique Scottish cut glass is often highly collectible and these tumblers can be precious and personal objects to their owners.)

Not only did his death come four days after attendees at a party given by Tony Blair's campaign manager, Phillip Gould, where it was generally and warmly agreed that if John Smith died "now" Tony Blair would become party leader and then Prime Minister, whereas if John Smith died "next year" the situation would favour Gordon Brown becoming leader: John Smith's death was the start of succession of crooked leaders of both the Labour and the Conserative parties, broken only by the sixty days of Liz Truss, continuing to the present day. And during the sixty days of Liz Truss, all of the newspapers, all of the TV stations, most of the YouTube channels, most Members of Parliament and many, many spokesmen for a huge range of financial institutions, as well as the senior civil servants union "The First Division Association", EU embassies, the US Embassy and the Canadian High Commission, did nothing except SCREAM for her removal. It was almost as if integrity in British politics fell to the floor and died with John Smith QC MP and the coup against Liz truss was intended to make sure it stayed dead.}

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