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The prime ministers the Israelis control via Epstein's blackmail ring include their own:

Two prime ministers made multiple trips on the Lolita Express; Anthony Charles Lynton Blair and Benjamin Netanyahu. The latter has spent most of the time following Epstein's death hovering betwixt jail and office! Given the way that Blair was catapulted into power from obscurity when his (wholly incorruptible) predecessor John Smith QC MP died (four days after Phillip Gould had said "If John dies now, Tony will become leader, if he dies next year it will be Gordon ") Blair's political successful political career probably followed his compromise rather than the other way round.

Once they knew they had Blair, they groomed and supported his rise to power by every means possible. His early efforts at local politics were notably less successful than those of his wife, Cherie Booth! Then, suddenly everything changed.

The only way his Chancellor and rival, Gordon Brown could have been controlled would be by feeding him misleading ideas and information: he is only capable of being corrupted intellectually as sex, money and even prestige don't really register with him. (He would have been a much more natural successor to John Smith than Blair!)

Power, money and prestige mean so much to Blair, however, that if he had simply been TOLD that he could have all of those, if only he would let his puppet-masters have some sexual blackmail material on him, so they could "trust" him, then he might have happily and knowingly compromised himself with whatever under-age girls or boys were on offer.

John Major would have been a pretty hopeless target for sexual blackmail: when he was suspected of having an affair with a decidedly adult Downing Street caterer, it turned out just to be a cover for him having an affair with a fellow cabinet minister. At which point, largely led by "Spitting Image" the press all assumed he was sleeping with Virginia Bottomly, the only member of the Tory cabinet the press could imagine ANYONE wanting to sleep with. The awful truth turned out to be Edwina Currie...

Margaret Thatcher would have been hard to compromise, not because she was particularly au fait with that sort of skullduggery but her husband, Dennis, had been in business long enough to know where all the pitfalls were and he steered her as well clear of them as he could. Her weakness was a tendency to forgive male subordinates who compromised themselves, rather than kicking them out in the public interest.

Jim Callaghan was too moral to do anything wicked and too clever to do anything stupid, which is a rare combination in any politician. Furthermore, he worked his way up through the ranks so patiently that he probably never looked like a rising star WORTH compromising before he knew all the ropes and was pretty invulnerable. An awful lot of powerful people hated him and they brought down his government, but they never got close to compromising him as a person. (Bit like Liz Truss, really!)

Harold Wilson took policy advice from some shady customers (because they were SUCCESSFUL shady customers) but, rather like Richard Nixon, he barely registers on the Blair/Trudeau personal corruption scale.

Nobody on God's Earth could have corrupted Edward Heath into being the way he was. All the allegations of sexual abuse against him were patently false: not only did they describe luxury double beds on his RACING yacht; even abusive sexual relationships are still human relationships and Edward Heath simply did not do human relationships.

Jeremy Thorpe managed to get himself into worse trouble than any Epstein type racket could have gotten him into and the establishment had to pull out all the stops to keep him out of jail. His colleague Cyril Smith achieved even worse without the publicity, even though Cabinet Minister Barbara Castle compiled a dossier on his sexual abuses and presented it to a newspaper editor. They corrupted themselves and the establishment rescued them. The establishment probably had to protect Thorpe in order to protect Cyril Smith, who seems to have been more influential even though he was never Party Leader.

Thorpe's current successor as Lib-Dem leader, Ed Davey, took a huge (£4M) consultancy fee from a Chinese energy firm (ALL Chinese firms are controlled by the CCP) after he had, as Energy Minister in the Coalition Government, allowed a Chinese energy company to be part of the deal to build a replacement nuclear power station at Hinkley Point. No sex, no blackmail: straightforward and utterly unambiguous bribery there.

One would have to have a heart of stone not to see why John Profumo got into bed with Christine Keeler and one might even think she was worth the consequences

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