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They only bribe officers and officials in order to blackmail them in the future: in that sense psychopaths are very good at business!

The over-riding impression, though, from this side of the pond is that most of this was to keep Canadian agents, officers and detectives too busy to investigate actual foreign agents, subversives or organised crime figures. Look at all the effort the UK's Special Branch put into investigating the Union leader Arthur Scargill during the period when they were not investigating paedophile rings in Parliament (Cyril Smith, Greville Janner), the attempt by Liberal party figures to procure the murder of Jeremy Thorpe's lover, Norman Scott or the swift and still ongoing rise of the gangster David Hunt who is now considered a threat to national security and who at least helped create the culture of corruption in the Metropolitan Police Service which is the real reason the investigations into the murders of Daniel Morgan and Stephen Lawrence failed and may even be why the investigation into the murder of Jill Dando "will never be solved." (In the words of a former SIO on the case who clearly didn't want to be seen letting that investigation take a single step towards Broadcasting House, where so many paedophiles enjoyed so much protection over two generations.)

The recent witch-hunt against Nigel Farage and tens of thousands of other "racists" (including the nicely brown and if anything left-wing Gina Miller!) is much the same thing: shining the spotlight where the real crooks are not.

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